Every Increased Possession Loads Us with New Weariness is a public sculpture for Ruskin Square in Croydon that reverses the supply chains of the development; unmaking the building and remaking into an artificial mineral of steel, concrete, glass, aluminium, copper, cast iron and Caithness stone.

Ruskin Square is a large scale development near East-Croydon station. A steel girder was taken from the building and sent back to the factory (Hare in Bury, near Manchester) where workers were asked to un-make the product they normally make. Similar for the aluminium window frames, copper pipes, cast iron drain pipes, concrete tiles, glass window panels and Caithness stone. Within the existing supply chains of the building, these materials were transformed (cast / shaped / laminated … ) into rock or crystal shapes to return to the square as an ‘artificial mineral’.

Commissioned by muf architecture/art and Stanhope Schroders.

Thanks to Gary Simmons, David Kay and Callum Slater at William Hare (steel), John Wilson and Simon Higgins at Saint-Gobain PAM UK (cast iron), John Sutherland at Spittal Mains Quarry (Caithness), Luke at London Concrete, Luke Sutherland at LMD Aggregates, Jeff Rogers at Mueller Industries (copper), Marcel Damen at Scheldebouw (aluminium), David Lopez, Carlos LLaguno and Roberto Arias at Tvitec (glass.)

Also thanks to James, Pod and Charlie at Flux Metal, Ian at Windsor Workshop, Matt Durran and to Rory Hooper.

From: Saint-gobain.com to: Alexander Paveley RE: A few photos - I will send samples tomorrow

I can confirm that the patterns have arrived.

I will get together with the production guys and confirm a date. We may need to manufacture some moulding boxes etc.

At present the special products area cast on Mondays and Wednesdays – so the 12th may be better / or we could make the moulds on day and cast the next.

I will get back to you tomorrow.

From: Carlos LLaguno - tvitec.com to: Tuur Van Balen cc: Roberto Arias - tvitec.com Alexander Paveley David Lopez - tvitec.com RE: URGENT TVITEC Ruskin Sculpture send samples to UK

Dear Tuur

The truck for RUSKIN is completely full

This was an urgency of RUSKIN site and I already took out glasses from another customer to load them in

However I will proceed accordingly and inform you tomorrow about the best that can be done

From: Tuur Van Balen Marcel Damen - scheldebouw-pgroup.com Alexander Paveley Broken glass + sending aluminium

Dag Marcel,

Erg goed je net aan de telefoon te spreken. Jammer dat we mekaar niet in Londen kunnen ontmoeten, volgende keer laat ik je graag een kleurrijkere kant van de stad zien (toffer dan Croydon;)

Veel dank voor het helpen met het glas dat Tvitec ons beloofd had in Londen te krijgen! In tussentijd komen we graag ook de gebroken stukken in Croydon ophalen, dat zou morgen al kunnen. Als je me Tony’s contact stuurt spreek ik het met hem af.

Zoals gezegd kom ik zeker graag nog filmen in de fabriek in Heerlen. Dat zou bijvoorbeeld maandag 21, dinsdag 22 of woensdag 23 november kunnen? Daarvoor ben ik even weg.

Indien je in tussentijd het aluminium reeds zou kunnen opsturen naar de gieterij dat zou fantastisch zijn. Wij kunnen daarvoor zeker de verzendkosten terugbetalen.

Longton Light Alloys

Foxley Lane

Stoke-on-Trent ST2 7EH

United Kingdom


Ongelooflijk bedankt en hopelijk tot snel.

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Tuur Van Balen

From: David Lopez - tvitec.com to: Alexander Paveley Roberto Arias Fernandez - tvitec.com Tuur Van Balen URGENT TVITEC Ruskin Sculpture send samples to UK


This is for the statue for Ruskin:

  • Use 10mm thickness with the same coating as Ruskin, we have spares in 10mm does not matter if it annealed version or FT version
  • No edge work, only cutting the shapes
  • The face that we are seeing is the coated face in order to cut the glass
  • Do not buy coating only what we have as spares
  • Take everything to cut minus the RUSKIN-GLASS 01 (do not produce this amount) as I think we do not have enough, in the case that later we have enough spare proceed also with this part
  • Carlos if you have  doubts call me, consider that I will be on Monday in Canada, also more comments below from Alex but these are the principals
  • This glass will be free of charge applied for marketing


This where they would like to be delivered, but we agreed the following they as normal want to spend as less as possible so:

1-    Do not use a rack use a wooden rack or box

2-    We can deliver the glass to some other customer in UK or Ireland and they will recollect it

3-    If we send it by courier inform them of the cost as the transport is what shall be paid by them

From: Alexander Paveley to: David Lopez CC: Carlos LLaguno; Tuur Van Balen Re: TVITEC Ruskin Sculpture send samples to UK

Hello David,

Following our phone call this morning please find attached new pdf’s showing the quantity of each shape that we need cutting. There are too many individual shapes to make pdf’s for, so I have added the quantities in red to the existing pdf’s, it will then be easy to cross check with the DWG files that are in the same format.

Just to confirm:

  • The glass should be 10mm thick
  • We are not going to heat the glass so we do not want the glass tempered
  • The surface on the diagrams is the coated surface
  • We want you to cut just the very outside line of each shape in the DWG files

If the amount of glass becomes a problem then please leave out the form named Ruskin-glass 01, the other forms are more importance. But obviously if you can cut the glass for all of the forms that would be great. 

From: Gary Simmons - hare.com to: Alexander Paveley RE: Ruskin Square Sculpture Commission

Apologies for the delay in responding but busy times.

The Wetherby plant specialises in the production of the Cellular floor beams that we supplied on Ruskin, so is a perfect place to visit and source the material. The steel will be in its raw form i.e. unpainted.

Given your timescale, when would you like to arrange a visit?

From: Higgins, Simon - saint-gobain.com to: Alexander Paveley RE: ruskin square

Hi Alex,

The pictures below are samples of the finish and colour of Cast iron.

The final finish may be slightly different when using a polystyrene pattern.

Generally castings will rust as soon as they comes into contact with moisture.

It is possible to coat with a clear lacquer to prevent rusting.

From: Matt Thain - caithnessstone.co.uk to: Alexander Paveley RE: ruskin square

Hi Alex,

The problem with doing it in one piece is that, due to the way Caithness is formed in layers, you won’t be able to get a piece that is 700mm+ thick  that doesn’t have any natural boards/splits in it, which would open up either through machining or just over time.

From: tvitec.com to: David Lopez - tvitec.com Alexander Paveley Carlos Llaguno - tvitec.com> TVITEC Ruskin Sculpture send samples to UK

Thanks a lot David & Carlos.

I think that our cooperation is a good idea

Some day we could to say: “Tvitec Glass is Art” JJJ

As David says, inform us about the project in the future.

We keep in touch.

From: David Lopez - tvitec.com to: Alexander Paveley Carlos Llaguno - tvitec.com cc: Roberto Arias Fernandez - tvitec.com RE: TVITEC Ruskin Sculpture send samples to UK



I have already called asking for 3 samples of single glass in 10mm that we used for Ruskin Square, they will bring them to your office today afternoon, there is no need to do edge work only that yoru secretary packs them and sends them to the following address:


Tuur Van Balen

Studio 3

16 Belsham Street


Unkited Kingdom

E9 6NG

The samples are free of charge as later for the sculpture we are going to win a lot of money in pounds (joke)

Thanks Carlos


Once you receive them and you do your melting tests keep us updated in what you need to proceed

Thanks Carlos & Alexander

Best regards


From: tclarke.co.uk to: Alexander Paveley CC: "Roach, Elliott" "Blackett, Craig" "Caille, Paul" RE: Ruskin Art Work


As discussed please find attached data on Yorkshire branded copper tube which will be in use on site and timesaver underground drainage data produced by PAM (Saint-Gobain). We are not actually installing the underground drainage but I believe this has been used as is the norm for this kind of install. 

From: Kribel@gutmann-group.com to: apaveley12@gmail.com AW: Sculpture Commission for Stanhope Development in Croydon UK

Hi Alexander,

the alloy for Ruskin is: EN AW 6063

the temper for this alloy is: T6

so you might search for EN AW 6063T6


Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Best regards,

i.V. Gerd Kribel

– Key Account Manager/Teamleitung Bau –

– Key Account Manager Building Industry –

From: Gary Simmons to: Alexander Paveley RE: Ruskin Square Sculpture Commission

Apologies for the late response but a bit of a hectic day.

The majority of the steel elements on the Ruskin project were sourced from Tata rolling mills in the UK (a touch ironic given the recent Tata announcement to sell off its UK steel making plants).

We can supply any number of off-cuts that are similarly sourced, and can fabricate these into whatever shape or sculpture you decide upon. Alternatively we can supply a quantity of off-cuts for you to send to an independent foundry, or lastly we can put you in touch with the Tata mills to source new materials … please let me know which you prefer.

In  relation to the support framing, it’s your call. You can continue with your current supply chain (props maker) or we can supply.

From: Alexander Paveley to: "Roach, Elliott" lendlease.com Re: Ruskin Art Work

Hi Elliot,

Thanks again for your assistance on Friday, It was really helpful and i’ve already made some headway with some of the suppliers. I can sign and return the paperwork for the materials you’ve set aside whenever you are ready.

I have a few further questions that would be really useful to find out when you have a moment:

  • The supplier of all the copper piping?
  • Precon seem adamant that they do not supply the cast iron waste pipe, would you be able to double check the supplier of these/get contact details?
  • Could you get Elaine to resend the contact details for London Concrete at Purley, her email didn’t seem to come through, may have been an issue my end.
  • Also could there be a possibility at all of casting the concrete components for the sculpture on site in Croydon – we would construct ply molds and bring them to site to be filled (would be a very small volume). If so when is concrete planed on being poured on site, will there be concrete being poured during July/August?

Thanks in advance for any assistance